The Octopus Adventure

The octopus is quite possibly the most self-sufficient creature that has ever been designed on planet Earth. Octopuses have evolved over millions of years to become impossible to find. With all of its unique abilities and problem-solving intelligence, no lifetime of any octopus will ever be uneventful, even in a lifespan of only a year.

The octopus’s magnetic and independent personality can teach us how to value our potential and self-worth. An octopus has no time to spare to doubt itself with such a short lifespan. We are obligated to consider our outstanding ability to learn when we make choices, as it’s a miracle that we have such a long lifespan. As humans it’s our duty to learn as much as possible and become self-fulfilling prophecies to avoid a life of mediocrity. Ultimately, it is your burden to bear if you choose to live an uneventful life.

Finding Dory

Wasting Potential

One of the main factors that keeps us from taking advantage of our potential is the fear of failure. However, we will only be able to take advantage of opportunities if we allow ourselves to be vulnerable in the face of the unknown. The hostile and unforgiving nature of the world may be scary, but we will never be able to be successful if we house ourselves in an environment that doesn’t allow room for risk. If you want to learn how to be successful, you’re going to have to learn how to be comfortable with being vulnerable.

Hank’s Bizarre Adventure

Hank is an octopus in Finding Dory who helps Dory on her journey to find her parents, both of which she believes may be living in the marine institute where the film takes place in. The only reason Hank wants to tag along with Dory is that she has a tag that will allow him to be transported to Cleveland, Ohio, where he will live safely inside of an aquarium for the rest of his life. Hank believes that the security of the aquarium is a better alternative than being returned to the ocean.

Hank experienced horrible things when he was living in the ocean, so once he found solace at the marine institute, he figured he could be transported to Cleveland where he’d be safe. These anxieties prevent Hank from living a fulfilling life. Although an aquarium would provide a sense of security and safety, it lacks many of the opportunities that are provided from an adventurous lifestyle.

In many circumstances, our fears prevent us from pursuing exciting lives because our traumatic experiences have conditioned us to settle for mediocrity. Mediocrity prevents any sense of risk from entering our lives. If you don’t love yourself, you’ll never be able to enjoy what life has to offer.

Part of the philosophy of being an octopus is understanding that we have very little time on this Earth. Mediocrity will not allow you to have exciting adventures, all it will do is give you a false sense of security. As humans it is our duty to experience as much as we can before we die. A lifetime of mediocrity just for the sake of avoiding anxiety is incredibly wasteful. If you’re not okay with the decisions you’re making, it’s your responsibility to change that.

Unlocking Your Potential

As an octopus, Hank can new methods of problem solving due to his biology. For example, he’s able to use his tentacles to traverse the institute much like a monkey would navigate a jungle. He’s able to use his ink cloud ability to scare off nosey children, and he also uses his shapeshifting and color changing abilities to mimic different objects and animals to stay hidden. Octopuses are quite possibly the second most efficient thing God has ever created, yet Hank’s priorities are on his irrational anxieties.

Your fears and anxieties can only influence you if you give them a home to thrive. You will only unlock your potential once you find out where you belong. The only thing that truly matters in life is your mission. If you spend more time worrying about your anxieties, you’re being irrational.

There is truly nothing to be afraid of if you find something that you’re truly passionate about. The only person who can stop you from accomplishing your goals is yourself. Let the voice of love take you higher, and don’t ever let anyone stop you from enjoying life.

That being said, you need to realize that it’s okay to be scared. We only have control over when and where something will happen. When something horrible does happen to you, find out what you can learn from the experience. Failures are what makes us human, but if you’re letting those failures stop you from pursuing your mission, you need to bonk yourself on the head. The world isn’t going to end if you make a mistake. There may be consequences to that mistake, but those consequences will help you learn how to make better decisions.

Happy Accidents

If you’re truthful and honest with yourself then you should not have any room to make excuses. Your ego should be small enough to understand when you need to improve, yet big enough to allow you to reward yourself when you’re performing well. If you go into a video game tournament to become a better player it won’t matter to you if you experience a few losses, since you need to make mistakes for you to learn how to improve. As long as you love yourself you won’t ever have to worry about anything else. When you love yourself, you know in your heart what you need to do to improve.

Although Hank experienced many horrible things while living in the ocean, he needed to experience those things to learn how to overcome the anxiety from his past.

Although these horrible experiences may haunt us, they don’t define who we are. No creature on Earth is perfect. The world is an environment that harbors an ecosystem that allows conflict and anxiety to thrive. Success doesn’t come without risk, and that’s not a bad thing. Mediocrity doesn’t offer opportunities for success.

Let the Joy of Love Give You Answers

Although octopuses in the wild are completely solitary, we can work together with other people to achieve each other’s goals. Perhaps the one thing that prevents the octopus from being perfect is its inability to utilize teamwork.

In Finding Dory, Dory knows that there are some things she can’t accomplish by herself. There are several different types of characters that help her on her journey due to their special abilities. For example, Destiny, a whale shark, uses her strong voice to guide Dory through the pipe systems so they can communicate together. Bailey, a beluga whale, uses his echolocation to serve as a second pair of eyes so he can work together with Destiny to help Dory find out where she needs to go.

This message could be attributed with Finding Nemo as well, since Marlin had to learn how to trust other people and let them help him instead of traveling his journey alone. Many different types of animals helped him on his journey. A pelican used his large beak to carry him to Nemo, Dory used her ability to read to help him learn where Nemo is located, and turtle used his knowledge of the East Australian Current to guide him in the right direction.

The moral of the story is, it would be very naïve of you to think that you should travel your journey alone, because there are so many people out there who have experienced incredibly different lives. As a result, some of these people can to teach you things you could have never learned on your own. Love is only worth feeling if its shared, and if you can bring people along on your journey, you’ll be able to help each other accomplish your goals and aspirations. The only reason why have opportunities to be successful is because of the accomplishments other people have made to make those opportunities possible.


Love truly is the only thing that matters in this world. When you love yourself, you will find the answers you seek because you have your health in your best interest. If you allow petty anxieties to get in the way of your dreams, you need to wake up! It’s your duty as a human being to experience everything you plan on accomplishing in your lifetime. If an octopus can live an exciting lifetime of only a year, than surely you can live just a fulfilling life. Love yourself, and you’ll be able to experience everything in your dreams. Let the joy of love give you answers!!

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